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It is during the crises that new opportunities emerge.

In a crisis the advice is to return to a robust management system with focus on the business. The business is how you earn money. No management system will help unless the management in a disciplined way precedes and steers the business through the management system. A new challenge for each day.

My product is to develop, document, implement and maintain an Integrated Management System for various types of organizations. My experience is derived from the complex and strictly regulated airline business. The method of work is explained in the Prospect English.
It is hard to predict the future. Few realized how the subprime mortgages from the real estate market in USA infected the global financial market leading to the global stock market crisis and recession. The parallels with the financial crisis1929 were forgotten. To assume that investors and financing people will behave in a rational way is against common sense. Experience tells us that arrogance, greediness and lust of power take over when the boom period lasts. Overestimates are created with borrowed money and the bubble will crack sooner or later.

Already Mark Twain knew this and wrote:

 - A mature person shows good judgement.

 - Good judgement comes from the experience you get from all bad decisions and the learning from them.

 - Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement.


The art is to reflect and learn from what you do. That seems to be easier for individuals than for organizations and groups. That might explain the problem of bringing knowledge across the generations. It is stupied to repeat old mistakes when we can make new ones.


There should be more mature people now than before the crises so that old knowledge can be restored to its place of honour. An old knowledge is that profitable business does not happen by chance but through a committed management with a robust management system.


During many years in the airline business I have made several bad but also some good decisions that I have reflected upon.


My synthesis is that most organizations will benefit from an Integrated Management System focusing on the business which is so easy and engaging that everybody can understand and will use it. The management system shall comprise a combination of discipline and freedom and experience and new thinking to safeguard old and create new businesses.


Darwin’s theory, that the fittest and not the strongest survey, will be more valid in the future. To create an organization that is able to adapt as fast as the environment, the management system shall support that innovation becomes everybody’s job.


Please study the examples from the airline industry on the pages below. Contact me for an offer.


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