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Aviation Management is a Swedish consultancy company with its roots from the complex and strict regulated airline industry.



Integrated Management System.



The mission is to support companies and organizations to mange and develop their business in a documented and structured way that is useful and understandable for everybody.

The various management tools and concepts are tailored to client’s need and effectively coordinated in an integrated management system fulfilling selected external requirements.

Example of external requirements are quality systems (ISO 9001 and 14001), business excellence models (EFQM, MBNQA, USK), airline requirements (EU OPS, EASA, IOSA), Corporate Governance (Swedish code), Global Reporting Initiative GRI, etc.



The vision is that Aviation Management shall be regarded by the clients as a competent and trusted supplier of Integrated Management Systems.



To work in the following priority:

1)       Structure.

2)       Relation.

3)       Implementation.

4)       Review.




A complex business needs to be managed by a clear and simple structure that is understood and accepted by all employees.


We work according the strategy in the following four steps:


1)       Develop and tailor management concepts and tools in an Integrated Management System together with owner, managing director, management group, and other key persons.

2)       Conduct an internal dialogue in the organization to ensure that leaders and employees understand, accept, like and are willing to use the tools and concepts in the Integrated Management System.

3)       Implement the management system by clear documentation, support, training, and coaching in the use of the management concepts and tools with focus on the business end results.

4)       Review the management system continuously together with the managing director and management group to find and implement improvements or adjust implementation process.



The deliverables comprise an Integrated Management System with aligned and coordinated management concepts and tools, such as:

·         Corporate Manual with a manual tree documenting the whole integrated management system.

·         Corporate Governance system.

·         Strategy plan, business plan, one page business plan, budget.

·         Business review, audits, follow-up procedures.

·         Line organization with duties and responsibilities.

·         Process maps with goals, KPIs, process coordination, and procedures.

·         Goals, score cards, and policy deployment.

·         Monthly reports, built bottom – up.

·         Integrated improvement process to close the gaps.

·         Meeting structure with terms of references for the meetings.

·         Goal oriented bonus schemes

·         Compliance lists between manuals and external requirements (EU OPS, EASA, IOSA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GRI).



Aviation Management acts in a consultant network and can offer a mix of competences for larger and complicated projects.



References can be given on request from present and past clients.



Lars Brynielsson with experience from international management consultancy and several management positions in the SAS Group.



Simple contract with monthly reporting, payment, and review of deliverables.



Please contact:

Lars Brynielsson

Aviation Management
Peringskiöldsvägen 65
SE-168 56 Bromma, Sweden
phone  +46 (0)8     37 41 25
mobile  +46 (0)73 625 41 25